Blackhawk Center

The Blackhawk Center is located next to the Oregon High School at 1101 Jefferson St.  The Oregon School District owns and manages the Blackhawk Center as the primary user.  Through an Intergovernmental Agreement, the School District and Park District share park and facility use throughout the District.  The Park District still maintains and operates the Extended Time and Summer Camp Programs at the Blackhawk Center.  The close proximity to the elementary school and communication with OES teachers is a great benefit to the after school program.  The Park District also utilizes the Blackhawk Center for winter sport practices and occasional games.

All questions regarding the Blackhawk Center, including facility rentals, should be directed to the Oregon School District. Amenities at the Blackhawk Center include:

  • Four Basketball CourtsBlackhawk Building LetteringBleacher Lettering
  • An Aerobics Room
  • Weight Room
  • ET Classroom
  • Concession Area
  • Locker Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Conference Room
  • Athletic Offices


In 1996 the Park Board agreed to build the Blackhawk Center, a 59,000 square foot field house serving both the Park District and the School District.  The building was built adjacent to the Oregon High School for Oregon School District to use for high school physical education, athletic practices and competitions. The Park District hosted programs, special events and rentals at the Blackhawk Center.  In 2018, an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between the Oregon Park District and the Oregon Community Unit School District No. 220 for use of the Blackhawk Center and Reciprocal Use of Park West and School Facilities was executed.  As part of the agreement the ownership of the building was transferred to the Oregon School District as the primary user.  The Park District, as part of the agreement for use of the facility, will assist financially in completing future capital improvements at the Blackhawk Center.  The agreement term was for ten years, expiring in August of 2028.