Wiggly Field Dog Park

Officially opened in July 2012, Wiggly Field Dog Park is the first off-leash dog park operated by the Oregon Park District. The dog park is a 1 acre fenced off-leash area with two separate entries for safety. The park is divided into two separate areas. The first being an open running design and the second is an agility training area. The park offers water fountains for people and dogs. Wiggly Field off-leash dog park is open seven days a week from dawn until dusk. We ask all owners to have fun, but be responsible.

Enjoy the park!

All dogs must have a dog tag.  Please call Nash Recreation Center (815)732-3101 to get a tag, key fob, and receive the rules and regulations. Proof of rabies vaccination is required upon registering. 

Fee: $5/$6 NR 1st dog
$2/$3 NR 2nd dog

A $10 Key Fob Fee is collected each year in addition to the tag fees.

Dog Park Rules:

  1. All Dog Park users are required to obtain the proper dog tags at Nash Recreation Center prior to use. Nash Recreation Center is located at 304 S. Fifth Street, Oregon, IL.
  2. Owners/Handlers enter the dog park at your own risk.
  3. Owners/Handlers are responsible legally and financially for the actions of their dogs. No aggressive dogs are allowed. At the first sign of aggression, please remove your dog from the dog park. If your dog begins to get aroused, divert his/her attention before it escalates and if necessary, leave the dog park. Owners are encouraged to inquire about any unfamiliar dogs already in the park prior to entering.
  4. Handlers must clean up after their dogs and dispose of all trash.
  5. Dogs may never be left unattended and must be under voice control at all times. There is a maximum of two (2) dogs per adult handler.
  6. Dogs must be healthy and free of parasites, properly licensed, vaccinated, and not in heat.
  7. No puppies under four months old are allowed.
  8. Children 12 years and under are not allowed in the off-leash dog area; children ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult. An adult handler is considered anyone over 16 years of age.
  9. Dogs must be leashed when outside of the fenced area. Handler should have the leash in hand when inside of the area.
  10. No human food is permitted in the fenced/off-leash area. Handlers using dog treats must assume the risk of safe handling.
  11. Prong, choke and spike collars must be removed for safety reasons.
  12. Handlers are subject to all applicable park and city ordinances

Ordinance 10.01:

Oregon Park District, Ordinance 10.01 requires dogs to be properly leashed and under control at all times within the park system for the protection of fellow citizens, as well as for the safety of the dogs. To offer the numerous residents with dogs living in our community an opportunity to enjoy public parks with their dogs off-leash, Oregon Park District supports the development of an off-leash dog area to provide safe places for dogs to exercise, play and socialize.

Dog Park Tags

Dogs will be issued a numbered dog tag. Issued tags are required to be worn at all times by dogs while using Wiggly Field Dog Park. Tags are issued on an annual basis and will expire on December 31st of each year the tag was issued. To receive a tag, all owners must be able to show proof of identification, proof of proper vaccinations, and registered with Animal Control in the county the dog resides in.

Dog Park Proximity Key Fobs

Proximity Key Fobs will be issued upon your initial dog park tag registration. New key fobs will be issued each year for a fee. The key fobs will allow you and your dog(s) access to the dog park during regular hours of operation. The Oregon Park District is not responsible for any lost or broken key fobs. New key fobs can be purchased for the same fee.

How to Use the Gated Entry:

Entering the dog park play area:

  1. Wait for the gated area to be clear of people and dogs before entering.
  2. Keep all dog(s) on leash and hold the fob up to the access point. The light will turn green and lock will beep allowing entry. The gate will automatically close behind the user.
  3. Remove leash(es) and choke collars from your dog(s).
  4. Open the gate into the play area and let your dog(s) in to the dog park.
  5. Close and latch the interior gate behind you.

Leaving the dog park play area:

  1. Be sure to use the appropriate gate marked as an exit.
  2. Close and latch the gate behind you and your dog(s).
  3. Attach your dog’s leash(es) and any choke collars.
  4. Press the ‘Exit’ button to release the exit door. It will close behind the user.
  5. Walk carefully with your dogs on leash while leaving the area.

Important Information:

  • Only your own group of dogs is allowed with you between the double gates at anytime.
  • Never leave a leash on your dog within the play areas.
  • If your dog must be muzzled, perhaps it shouldn’t be in the play area.