Financial Information

Park District Annual Budget

The Oregon Park District Board of Commissioners annually approves a combined Budget and Appropriations Ordinance.  The Budget provides revenues and other financing sources as well as expenditures and other financing uses for each fiscal year.  The following Annual Budget Packet’s ensure that the parks and recreation needs of our community are met through fiscal planning and execution.

Annual Budget Packet 2021
Annual Budget Packet 2020
Annual Budget Packet 2019
Annual Budget Packet 2018-19
Annual Budget Packet 2017-18
Annual Budget Packet 2016-17
Annual Budget Packet 2015-16

Annual Tax Levy Packet

The Oregon Park District annually completes an Annual Tax Levy Ordinance.  This ordinance represents the formal request to collect real estate property tax dollars from our community residents.  The District publishes an annual Tax Levy Packet to help our residents understand where their tax dollars are begin utilized.

Annual Tax Levy Packet 2020
Annual Tax Levy Packet 2019
Annual Tax Levy Packet 2018
Annual Tax Levy Packet 2017
Annual Tax Levy Packet 2016
Annual Tax Levy Packet 2015

Annual Financial Reports

The Oregon Park District completes an Annual Financial Report each fiscal year.  This report summarizes the District’s financial operations and serves as an irreplaceable tool to ensure confidence in its fiduciary obligations to the community.

Annual Financial Audit 2020
Annual Financial Audit 2019
Annual Financial Audit 2018-19
Annual Financial Audit 2017-18
Annual Financial Audit 2016-17
Annual Financial Audit 2015-16
Annual Financial Audit 2014-15
Annual Financial Audit 2013-14
Annual Financial Audit 2012-13
Annual Financial Audit 2011-12