Park Use Ordinance

Q: When do the parks close?
A: All park district parks close from dusk until daybreak.  Some district programming may occur in parks after hours.

Q: Can I fly a drone on park property?
A: Electric powered aircraft models or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) are only allowed to be flown in the southwest corner of Park West.  This rule is all inclusive and applies to all remote controlled aircraft, surface vehicles and rockets.  If the southwest corner of Park West is in use by other patrons for other activities, no electric powered aircraft or drones are to be flown.

Q: Can I use a metal detector on park property?
A: No person shall disturb the property of the district.  You may not dig or disrupt any property through the use of a metal detector.

Q: Can I have a parade or meeting on park property?
A: No person or persons shall hold or participate in any procession, public meeting, gathering or parade within the park system without having first obtained permission to do so from the Director.

Q: Can I bring alcohol to a shelter rental?
A: No person shall consume or possess any intoxicating liquor within any park of the district.

Q: Can I camp on park property?
A: No person shall erect a tent, portable shelter, structure or sun shade on district property unless given permission by the Director or Board of Commissioners.  No person shall use park property for camping without permission either.

Q: Can I sell merchandise on park property?
A: No person shall hawk or peddle any goods, wares or merchandise of any or nature within said parks and playgrounds without first having obtained the permission of the Director to do so.

Q: Can I have a fire on park property?
A: places as may be established for such purposes and then only under such rules as may be prescribed therefore. Every fire shall be continuously under the care and direction of a competent person from the time it is kindled until it is completely extinguished.

Q: Where can I smoke on park property?
A: No person shall smoke in park district buildings or enclosed facilities.  No person shall smoke in some outdoor areas including within 50 feet of athletic fields, bleachers, hard court play surfaces, swimming pools, playgrounds, shelters and boat docks.  No person shall smoke within 50 feet from a designated park program being operated on park property at which members of the public are visibly present.

Q: Where can I find all the Park Use Ordinances?
A: You can find the full document of Park Use Ordinances here.